SOMO007T nnls – connection [tape + digital]

Rough distorted rhythms and hazy melodies. A combination of raw machine jams and jagged textures of lo-fi pads. Fuzzy aesthetics built by field recordings, samples and personal memories. In his debut on sonic moiré nnls musically refers to streets of his home in Italy. Every track is a musical quote of a drive or journey, every title a reference to an existing road. A musical cartography of the artists environment. This piece portrays a persons connection to its environment and its paths, which is captured in the title of the album.

SOMO007T is an introduction of the new SOMO family member nnls who is already known for his work on Dusky Adriatic Label. It also features two remixes by sonic moiré cofounder redredred and Slim Steve who is known for his 12“ on X-Kalay and releases on La Chinerie and Dusky Adriatic.

nnls about the release: „Roads are more comprehensive than any other human sign, nothing is shared more than them, sometimes they last for thousand years. So, while listening to the album you can try to work out road names from titles and draw my own non-existing non-spiral non-jetty.“

This album is available as a limited, elaborate tape version and includes a mirroreffect packaging, booklet, download code and sticker. SOMO007T with its 9 tracks and a total of around 45 minutes will be out on the 5th of may, 2017.
Attention: This tape version (SOMO007T) contains exclusive bonus material that won’t be in the digital version (SOMO007).

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Photos: caro tolkemit

Artwork: caro tolkemit / redredred

Typo: leinadworks

Digital Mastering- & Distribution Engineer: Julian C. R. de Freitas

Distributed by Lobster Distribution


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photos: caro tolkemit

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